September has seen the Spa’s refurb really start to take shape

The refurbishment of the Spa has been progressing well this past month and continues to do so.


Changing Room and Washroom Doors
BRAC Projects, specialists in high-end and bespoke toilet cubicle and washroom fabrication, have designed and installed new doors for the changing rooms and washrooms. These doors are functional and likely add to the aesthetics of the Spa.

Custom Designed Shelves
We’re awaiting the arrival of two custom-designed shelves for the changing rooms because originally they came with sharp square edges instead of round ones. Safety is a priority, so adjustments are being made to ensure the shelves meet the spa’s high safety standards.

Electrical Works
Further electrical work is needed in the two changing rooms to accommodate brand new Dyson Hair Dryers. This addition will enhance the amenities and convenience for guests using the changing rooms.

Changing Rooms
The changing rooms are a new build, fully tiled, with the added feature of a built-in seat. They have been relocated to where the hot tub were previously situated, a purposeful reconfiguration of the spa layout.

Sheldon Spa Refurbishment - New Changing Room / Wash Room Doors


Stripping and First Fix for Electrics
The treatment room has been stripped back, and first-fix electrical work has been completed. This involved setting up the initial electrical wiring and connections to prepare for the installation of various electrical components.

Re-insulation for New Plumbing
The room is being re-insulated to accommodate new plumbing. We will have running water to the treatment room for the first time, which is a crucial upgrade.

Upgraded Electrics
Provision is being made for new and upgraded electrical systems, including the installation of multiple double sockets. This is essential to ensure that the treatment room can support all the necessary electrical equipment required for different treatment services.

Air Conditioning
Due to the room’s location above the pool house, it tends to heat up quickly. To address this issue, plans are in place to install air conditioning. Although it wasn’t initially budgeted for, it’s deemed necessary for the comfort of both staff and clients.

Closing Up and Second Fix
Once the air conditioning work is complete, the treatment room can be closed up, and the second-fix work can commence. Second fix will involve adding all the finishing touches, such as fixtures, fittings, and final connections.

Interior Decoration and Furnishing
The interior will be decorated and furnished to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for clients.

Lighting Redesign
The treatment room’s lighting has been redesigned to match the upcoming aesthetic of the room. SMART lighting is crucial for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for spa treatments to be performed.

Sheldon Spa Refurbishment - The Upstairs Treatment Room Stripped


Safety is top priority in the Spa/pool house. The installation of a brand new fire system, while lengthy and costly, is a crucial step to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. The addition of a new fire escape door is a positive development in this regard, as it enhances the emergency evacuation options.

The installation of a Sonos sound system is an exciting addition. The exceptional acoustics will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing the overall Zen and sensory experience for spa guests.


The renovation and refurbishment of the pool house/spa has been a challenging and time-consuming endeavour, both financially and emotionally. The complexity of the project, from structural changes to unforeseen expenses and delays have been overwhelming at times.


The pool will be maintained at a hydrotherapy-friendly temperature, exceeding 30. It had been out of commission for an extended period, during which significant interior enhancements were made. These improvements include the installation of porcelain driftwood-effect wall tiles, a new Italian porcelain driftwood-effect tiled floor, and the adjustment of the pool’s height to accommodate newly added pool edging stones.

The decision to refill the pool with cold water and gradually increase the temperature to avoid potential damage due to expansion and contraction is a prudent one, even if it wasn’t originally budgeted for or planned. Safety and longevity are paramount, and it’s essential to ensure that the pool is structurally sound and can maintain the desired temperatures without issues.

Sheldon Spa Refurbishment - The Roof Of The Pool House


Speaking openly and honestly, this project has been soul-destroying and disheartening at times, but the team’s dedication to providing an improved and enhanced experience for loyal clientele like you has always been the driver at the forefront of our minds. Transformations like these come with numerous challenges, but it goes without saying that the end result will be worth all the effort.


I want to express my gratitude to those who have supported and encouraged us along the way. It’s truly heartening to have people who appreciate the hard work and improvements we’ve been making. As for those who may have been less patient or understanding, please know that our commitment remains steadfast in delivering the best possible experience for our guests.

I wish my team at Sheldon the very best of luck in successfully completing these renovations and providing our guests with an exceptional spa and pool house experience in the future. Thank you to all our clients who have shown unwavering loyalty and for being part of this arduous yet exciting journey.