Sheldon Spa Terms & Conditions

Last updated: April 30, 2018


A deposit is required for all email and telephone bookings for all day spa packages and treatments over £40.00.

The deposit amount will be calculated based on the total value of the booking.

And the balance due in full on the day of arrival.

Please note – no booking reminders are sent.

In the event of a ‘no-show’ or ‘non-payment’ for whatever reason, Sheldon Spa may refuse future bookings/admission to the spa and the deposit will be forfeited altogether.

In necessary circumstances, Sheldon Spa reserves the right to reschedule bookings with a transfer of deposit to a renewed date.

In absolute or exceptional circumstances, Sheldon Spa reserves the right to cancel the booking in its entirety with the deposit fully refunded to the payee.

However, in either instance, Sheldon Spa will not be held responsible/liable for any additional fees incurred. For example; pre/re/arranged amended or cancelled transport to attend day spa packages/treatment bookings.

Please note – no refunds are given for early departures unless caused by significant acts of negligence on the part of, Sheldon Spa or it’s team members/representatives.

Please further note that when booking a promotion/reduced rate/last minute rate, no additional discounts can be or will be applied.


All fees/spa packages/treatments are listed/shown inclusive of VAT at the current rate for the United Kingdom.

Additional spa packages/treatments, later added to any pre-existing booking, will be charged at the rates listed/shown on the day of the amendment, not that of which they may have been at the time of the original booking.

Day Spa Cancellation;

All cancellations must be made in writing by way of postal or email correspondence.

Telephone cancellations will not be accepted.

The date the postal or email correspondence is received by Sheldon Spa shall be the date that the cancellation notification is accepted.

Sheldon Spa will apply the following charges per person for each cancellation:-

Cancellation within 7 days of arrival date; full settlement of the balance due is required.

Cancellation between 7 and 14 days of arrival date; 50% of the total booking is required.

Cancellation more than 14 days before the arrival date; £25.00 is required.

Non-arrival on the day of booking without any prior notice; full payment is required.

Day Spa Packages;

All spa packages, offers and promotions are subject to availability.

Sheldon Spa reserves the right to withdraw spa packages, offers and promotions at any time.

Please note – any offers/promotions/discounts launched will not be applied to pre-existing bookings.

Gift Vouchers;

Please endeavour to ensure that on the day of your anticipated arrival that you attend the spa in possession of a valid and unexpired gift voucher. Said gift voucher must be presented at reception before admittance to the spa itself/treatment rooms.

Failure to present will necessitate a fee by way of its replacement.

If full or part payment of your booking is covered by a gift voucher, failure to attend a booking without notification of absence will result in the gift voucher becoming void/extinguished.

Furthermore, the previously outlined cancellation policy will also apply, except that a refund will not be issued against a gift voucher.

However, Sheldon Spa will willingly uphold the balance/value of the gift voucher to a rescheduled booking if the appropriate amount of notice has been served.

Sheldon Spa gift vouchers cannot be used to buy other/more gift vouchers.

Sheldon Spa gift vouchers must be redeemed within six months of the issue date.

Sheldon Spa gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, nor will cash be given in the form of change, instead any balances remaining will be carried forward to future bookings.

Sheldon Spa will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged or expired gift vouchers.

Electrical/Mechanical/Breakdowns/Shortages & Refurbishments;

In the exceptional event of a mechanical breakdown or electrical shortage occurring on the premises, that is beyond the control of Sheldon Spa.

All repairs/renewals/replacements/temporary fixes will be carried out as soon as humanly possible.

As a result, no refunds will be given unless any of the aforementioned is due to the negligence of Sheldon Spa or it’s team members/representatives.

Furthermore, in the event of any necessary refurbishments to the premises, Sheldon Spa reserves the right to charge in full for its products and services.

Bookings potentially affected will be notified, (where possible) and given an opportunity to cancel/rebook/reschedule along with the choice to continue attending.

In the event that continued attendance is upheld, no discounts will be applied to the original price quoted at time of booking.

In the event that cancellation is the preferred choice, full reimbursement will be issued for any deposit and/or additional payments made/paid.


Sheldon Spa accepts no responsibility/liability for ensuring the safety of monies and/or valuables brought onto/into the premises. Regardless of whether or not said items were kept in a ‘safe’ place.

Therefore, please ensure that items fitting this description are covered by personal/individual insurance.

Sheldon Spa will not be liable in any circumstance whatsoever for loss, damage or injury caused to its visitors, their property or belongings unless it is inarguably due to the negligence of Sheldon Spa and or its team members/representatives.


In the event that a customer/visitor/client causes a breakage or damage to an article, item, fixture or fitting, no party is to profit from the incident.

However, the cost of the article, item, fixture or fitting is to be covered by the liable party.

It shall be the decision/discretion of Management to enforce this clause or ‘turn a blind eye.’

One example, (though not at all exhaustive) whereby a cost will be passed on to the customer/visitor/client is in the event of hair dye being transferred to spa towels and gowns.

A laundry fee or replacement towel fee will be due.

Only, during health and safety talks/tours all customers/visitors/clients are made aware that they must request a replacement towel, (a disposable towel is in fact given in its place), should the customer/visitor/client suspect that their hair dye is one that transfers to fabric.

In addition, all breakages and or damages must be reported to staff immediately, by way of health and safety management.


Sheldon Spa does not have the facilities to accommodate children under the age of 16 years old as of December 2017.

Health/Medical Disclosure;

Sheldon Spa is a day spa, not an alternative medical centre, advisor or practice.

There are no ‘in-house’ Doctors/GP’s/Nurses or Medical Practitioners present.

Therefore, all visitors who may suspect that their health/fitness ability/ailments/allergies could be a contraindication are expected to have sought advice and/or written permission from the appropriate health advisor to partake in facility use and treatment experience.

In addition, where applicable evidence of such must be produced at the time of arrival for admission to the spa/treatment rooms.

For example, a pregnant woman may not partake in treatments of any description during the first trimester of her pregnancy. Nor may she use a hot tub or sauna.

As a result, Sheldon Spa reserves the right to refuse entry to its spa altogether as well as the right to make changes to pre-booked treatments by its visitors if it should deem it crucial/beneficial to sustaining/maintaining one’s health and well-being.

However, should a visitor choose not to accept/proceed with the safe/suggested treatment alternative, no charge/fee will be upheld.


Please be aware that the imagery/photography depicted on our website, social media, marketing and or promotional literature is for illustrative purposes only. In alternative words, it is not a guarantee of the exact appearance of the premises.

Upgrade Policy;

It is permitted to upgrade spa packages/treatments on the day of arrival, subject to availability.

Any additional fees incurred as a result will be added to the balance due and are to be settled before exiting the premises.

Loyalty Scheme;

This is a stand-alone reward scheme.

The loyalty scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

A fully completed loyalty card is redeemable against ONE full price treatment only – it excludes all spa packages and hourly spa facility use/hire.

A full card entitles the bearer to 50% off a treatment of their choosing and only for one use.

In alternative words, one full loyalty card is to be redeemed per person, per treatment.

More than one full card is not permitted to be redeemed during the same day/visit or transaction.

Nor may the loyalty card be redeemed alongside a gift voucher redemption.

Furthermore, it is not exchangeable for cash, nor can it be used towards the purchase of products on sale.


Rubbish/waste/unwanted/discarded/packaging and alike, generated from any/all of the subjects in the heading above, (that has not been served/provided by Sheldon Spa) is the responsibility of the individual/s of whom entered Sheldon Spa in possession of said items.

In alternative words, it is the duty of the aforementioned person/s to remove/takeaway/dispose of items that are not the property of Sheldon Spa.

Some examples of offending items, though not a completely exhaustive list being;

Bottles/Cans/Plastic or Paper Cups/Corks/Plastic or Paper Plates & Food Containers/Food Packaging/Gift Wrap/Gift Tags.

Please note – the following items are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the spa area/poolside unless served/provided by Sheldon Spa;

Party Poppers/Sequins/Confetti/Balloons/Nail Varnish/Glassware/Crockery and any/all other breakable items/Outdoor Footwear/Flip Flops.

These restrictions apply in the interest of hygiene, health and safety as they pose or could pose a risk/hazard.

Please consult directly with Sheldon Spa, it’s team members or representatives in the event of being unsure about the admittance/acceptance of an item, especially if it is not stated here.

Failure to adhere to these terms/conditions may result in incurred fees and/or refused future admission to Sheldon Spa in any capacity.